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Out in front with advanced technology!

As with all other products from MUSTANG the all new Articulated Loader Series provides with a suitable and economic solution for every transport and loading task.

High processing quality guarantees a long service life at low operating costs. The powerful Diesel engines with optimized noise levels and low fuel consumption convince even during the toughest applications and surely meet the TIER III emission requirements. Special attention has been paid to the ease of service. The clearly arranged component layout and the easy to tilt cabin enable quick access to all the important components.

Mustang Articulated Loaders

Model    Tipping Load - straight Height to hinge pin Transport Weight  Power output
 AL 106  860 kg    2.710 mm
 1.691 kg
 23,3 HP
 AL 306  1.811 kg  2.845 mm
 2.561 kg
 34,9 HP
 AL 406  1.770 kg  3.002 mm
 2.740 kg
 46,7 HP
 AL 506   1.993 kg  
 3.053 mm
 3.267 kg
 46,7 HP
 AL 608  2,907 kg  
 3.315 mm
 4.150 kg
 64,4 HP
 AL 708   3,378 kg  
 3.474 mm
 4.781 kg
 74,3 HP